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Minister Sandals - It's Time We Met
Published: 2014-11-27


At last weekend’s Ontario Council meeting, Unifor delegates unanimously endorsed a resolution supporting a campaign led by our sisters and brothers in the school bus industry. Those in attendance will have heard our members speak with pride about their jobs. But they will have also heard about the poor work conditions that school bus drivers face. Wages are among the lowest in the province. In fact, much of a school bus drivers’ work goes unpaid. Working conditions are in decline. And respect from management is lacking.

To make matters worse, a new Request-for-Proposal process instituted by the Ontario government will create chronic job instability for school bus workers. In this RFP, it’s the lowest-cost that wins routes. And without proper safeguards, it means it’s the drivers that’ll be getting left behind. You can read more about Unifor’s campaign by clicking here.

In September, Unifor requested a meeting with Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals. We wanted Minister Sandals to hear about the challenges facing front-line drivers, from the drivers themselves. We wanted to share our ideas on how the province might improve industry work standards, in the face of this RFP. And we wanted to ensure Unifor was given the opportunity to participate in a long-awaited review of the RFP process.

Well, two months later, and a meeting still hasn’t been set.

We are asking you to take a moment to fill out our online petition to Minister Sandals, urging her to meet with our union. Let’s show Minister Sandals just how urgent this matter is.

Let’s stand behind our school bus members, in solidarity and appreciation for the work they do.

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