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CRTC - Choicebook
Published: 2014-03-05


The CRTC has released Choicebook: http://letstalktv.hkstrategies.ca/ and in French http://parlonstele.hkstrategies.ca/fr

It is a questionnaire that will guide the CRTC to the future of Canadian Television regulation. I cannot stress enough how important it is for us to fill out this questionnaire in a way that shows the commission that Canadians care about accessibility of our television services for all Canadians, Canadian content, local programming and good Canadian jobs.

Unifor has released a guide to help fill out this questionnaire and we would like you to send out the guide and ask your Union leaders, members, colleagues and neighbours to use this guide to fill out the CRTC Choicebook. Please see below links to the guide on-line:


Thank you for your help on this urgent matter. The deadline to submit the questionnaire is March 14th.

In solidarity,

Dave Moffat
Assistant to the National President

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