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CAW Environmental Committee

Environmental Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes from Tuesday March 24, 2009.

Water Conservation Tips

How to save water and money in your kitchen, bathroom, and in the laundry room.


Environmental Tips

  1. Consider the purchase of long lasting appliances with good warranties keep these appliances in good working order, follow manufactures recommendation for proper operation and maintenance
  1. when buying tires for automobile chose tires with a higher wear rating for longer life, maintain proper tire pressure check at least once a month ,rotate tires routinely
  1. Composting yard trimmings and some food scraps can significantly reduce the amount of waste to landfill sites. These food products and yard trimmings turn into natural soil additives that can be used on lawn and garden


September 9th, 2008

Dwight Harper
Ronda Gilchrist-Geeza
Raz Del Mastro
Lisa Schroer
Rick Grylls

Guido Marandola
Carole Del Mastro


  • Lisa sent letter to Sari Sairanen regarding Health & Safety Day success and photos sent for National newsletter
  • Fall Environmental Course in September is not happening; no longer appears on course agenda.  When is the next one is happening?
  • Names and addresses sent in for tree planting memorial.  Now set up at Hall for every member who passes away
  • Battery recycling progress at Smelter coming along.  Florescent bulbs are currently being placed in with batteries but should be sorted soon.


  • Tree project was a worker memorial type of project and committee has hopes to initiate a new project environmental based – Earth Day preparations to follow
  • Suggested supporting ECO cruiser – possible donation; sponsor event  Will contact them for more information and possible upcoming events – possibility of getting our logo up at one of their upcoming events
  • Discussion concerning Canadian manufactured hybrid vehicles as a test at Smelter site, possibility of recycling batteries in vehicles? Rick to contact CAW members in Southern Ontario
  • Suggestion about the installation of wind power usage at the Smelter
  • Persons to attend October 24th Toxicology course – Industrial Hygiene at $425/person in Toronto (leave October 23rd return October 25th), ( update - CANCELLED)
  • Website update should include summary of minutes from meeting and environmental tips or ideas, include photos of summer event
  • Highlight ideas, current projects and tips for an Environmental Committee newsletter
  • Copy newsletter to all affiliate members and ensure the invitation for anyone to join committee is needed
    1. Committee looked at other websites on the CAW National website and contact them to get ideas for the Environmental Committee



    We are pleased to announce the Sudbury Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers Union, Local 598/CAW has formed an Environmental Committee which will be promoting healthy communities and workplaces.  Although we are still in our infancy, our Committee looks forward to establishing a working partnership with Xstrata Nickel in raising public awareness in the community concerning environmental initiatives and supporting the ISO 14001 standards at our sites.
    The first meeting was held in December and since then the members have met monthly to discuss a variety of topics including Xstrata Nickel's current recycling program.  As a result of the discussions, we are working on encouraging the expansion of the program to include all types of battery recycling (household, computer, radio etc.) at all of the sites wherever possible leading to a significant diversion to landfill sites.  Batch recycling will also be beneficial at the site to eliminate even more waste in lunchrooms.
    Blue boxes have been ordered for the Hall and papers will now be shredded and deposited into clear bags .  They will be collected by Mine Mill personnel and delivered to the Frobisher Street location for recycling.  
    Partnerships with the City of Greater Sudbury through Earth Care are being established and we will update members on upcoming events concerning environmental campaigns whenever possible.
    I have included the email addresses of the members if anyone has concerns or would like to bring forth new ideas to our committee for consideration.

Lisa Schroer (Chair and Treasurer)
lschroer@xstratanickel.ca or lisachris@persona.ca

Guido Marandola (Co-chair)

Ronda Gilchrist-Geeza (Secretary)

Orazio DelMastro
O.DelMastro@xstratanickel.ca or duster@persona.ca

Carole DelMastro

Dwight Harper

The upcoming meeting is scheduled for March 24, 2009  from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Employees from all sites are welcome to attend at the Mine Mill Hall.