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Education Committee

CAW & CAW Council Bursaries

Published: January 9, 2009

The CAW National and CAW Council annually offer a total of 25 memorial bursaries to students entering their first year of university or college in the amount of $2,000 each

National Union

Jim Ashton (2)
Dan Benedict (2)
Cesar Chavez (1)
Tommy Douglas (2)
Nelson Mandela (2)
Victor Reuther (2)
Dennis McDermott (2)

CAW Council

Larry Bauer (2)
Rosemary Brown (2)
Terry Fox (2)
Bud Jimmerfield (2)
Pat McEvoy (2)
Tom Pickford (2)

The deadline to submit an application is APRIL 30th, (postmarked no later than April 17th), 2009. Applications for these bursaries are available now at the Union Office or on the CAW website.

You can visit the CAW website at www.caw.ca/education for more information or if you wish to receive an information package, call Marianne at 673-3661, Ext. 22 or Richard Paquin at 673-3661 ext 24


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