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Walmart - Always Lower Standards

May 9, 2005

On Saturday May 7, 2005 Mine Mill 598/CAW members along with other unions and advocates participated in a peaceful demonstration outside of the Wal-Mart store in our community.  Retail Wholesale and Department Store Union had their transport truck as part of the regular traffic entering and exiting the parking lot.  Store management offered to demonstrators coffee and water and werepolitely asked to bring the refreshments back into the store and offer them to the Wal-Mart workers.

We were sending a message to Wal-Mart, their Wal-Mart workers have the right to unionize and receive the benefits that organized workers enjoy including a fairwage, decent working conditions and a voice in their workplace.

In February 2005, Wal-Mart announced it was closing its store in the community of Jonquiere, Quebec, citing that the store was not profitable or viable.  The real reason was that the workers decided to join a union and ask the company forbetter treatment. These workers did nothing wrong, they were well within their legal rights.

We had several speakers and the messages were similar and clear.  We were there to support the brothers and sisters.  The Walt family who owns the global chain of stores, certainly can afford to pay decent wages and treat their workers with respect.

Tammy, a former Wal-Mart worker shared her story and how she was treated.  She was accumulating hours and just prior to having enough to be considered full time, her hours were cut.  I believe Tammy will be employed at an organized workplace, in the not to distant future.

Canadians have the right to join a union if they want to and the law says employers are supposedto respect this decision.  Doing business in Canada means respecting our laws and our people.  Low prices shouldn’t mean low standards and should never cost people their rights.  Canadians demand better values from Wal-Mart.

It’s time to tell Wal-Mart that enough is enough.


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Go to www.canadianlabour.ca Tell Wal-Mart to become a responsible employer in our community.


  1. Send a message to Mal-Wart’s management. Tell them to make Mal-Wart work better.

  2. Send a message to our M.P.  Tell them bully companies like Mal-Wart must obey the law.

  3. Learn more about ending sweatshop labour.  Sign up at: http://sweatshop.clc-ctc.ca/


In Solidarity
Anne Marie MacInnis
Mine Mill 598/CAW
Community Based Organizer
(705) 673-3661 ext.30
(705) 698-7655

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