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Employment Standards Act – Personal Emergency Leave - Unifor Legal Department Analysis
This Legal Department Advisory is about how "Personal Emergency Leave" entitlements in the Employment Standards Act, 2000 affect unionized employees who are covered by a collective agreement. Bill 148 made Emergency Leave a statutory minimum entitlement for ALL employees from January 1, 2018. Many employers and unionized employees are considering for the first time how Emergency Leave operates alongside their collective agreements. Employers have a new incentive to avoid the obligations in the Act because two of the Emergency Leave days are now paid leave days.
Ontario Budget - Continuing The Push for Progressive Change
We mark the beginning of 2018 with historic changes to Ontario's labour laws, including the implementation of a $14 minimum wage and free prescription drugs for everyone under 25 which both became reality on January 1.
Unifor National Executive Board Voted to Cease Affiliation to the Canadian Labour Congress |
Conseil exécutif national d'Unifor a voté pour rompre l'affiliation de notre syndicat au Congrès du travail du Canada
On January 16, 2018, the Unifor National Executive Board has voted to cease affiliation to the Canadian Labour Congress. Unifor will continue to affiliate, support and participate in the provincial Federations of Labour and local Labour Councils.

Le 16 janvier 2018, le Conseil exécutif national d'Unifor a voté pour rompre l'affiliation de notre syndicat au Congrès du travail du Canada. Unifor continue d'être affilié, de soutenir et de participer aux fédérations provinciales du travail et aux conseils locaux du travail.
Bill 148 - Unifor Legal Department Analysis
Bill 148 is now law after it received Royal Assent on November 27, 2017.
National Skilled Trades Council - November 9-12, 2017
This council took place at Unifor Local 444 unionized workplace Caesars Windsor, around 70 delegates, 40 guests and 20 staff reps attended.
3rd Annual WSIB Unifor Conference
In October, I had the opportunity in attending the 3rd Annual WSIB Unifor Conference. The speakers and attendee's generated great discussion on current practices and new legislation to come in the New Year.
Open Letter to Premier Wynne on Minimum Wage
For families struggling on minimum wage, or just above it, this is what an increase in the minimum wage is all about. It's not about net gains in this or net losses in that, or any other measure economists like to talk about. The demographics of the working poor are not numbers and statistics. It's their neighbours. It's their families.
Canadian Council - Winnipeg 2017
A summary of the conference.
Health Care Conference - June 9-11, 2017
A summary of the conference.
EFAP and Addictions Conference - June 2-4, 2017
A summary of the conference.
Unifor Ontario Regional Council - Resolutions from Dec. 4-5, 2015
Multiple resolutions are discussed in detail.
Trans-Pacific Partnership - Could Have Catastrophic Effects on Canada's Economy
As many of you will know, the Harper Government is rushing to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership before the federal election. This deal puts as many as 26,000 Canadian auto jobs at risk.
Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act, 2014: How the laws have changed
Following years of hard work and organizing by Workers’ Action Centre members and their allies, Bill 18, the Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act, became law on November 20, 2014.
Unifor Health Care - The Pulse - November 2014
News from around the Unifor Health Care division.
Labour Survey Reveals Domestic Violence is Widespread and Following People to Work
Domestic violence is following people to work, has a significant impact on performance, and is in some cases resulting in job loss, according to survey results released by the labour movement and Western University.
English - French
2014-11-13 - eNews from Unifor
Various articles surrounding Unifor across the country.
Statement from Attorney General on Elliot Lake Commission of Inquiry Final Report
Today, Attorney General Madeleine Meilleur made the following statement on receipt of the final report of the Elliot Lake Public Inquiry: "On behalf of the Ontario government, my heart goes out to the families and loved ones of Mrs. Doloris Perizzolo and Ms. Lucie Aylwin, and to the entire community of Elliot Lake for their loss. The collapse of the Algo Centre Mall in Elliot Lake was a tragedy made all the more heartbreaking because it was so preventable -- as the Commissioner makes clear. Failing to learn from this event would be a further tragedy. We will not allow that to happen."
Unsafe Work Refusals Narrower After October 31 for Federal Workers
Amendments to the Canada Labour Code (CLC) introduced by the federal government in its omnibus Budget Bill C-4 last year are set to take effect on October 31, 2014. All of the amendments concern Part II of the CLC addressing Occupational Health and Safety.
Bill C-4: Harper Government Puts Workers Lives and Communities at Risk
On October 31, 2014 new provision in Canadian Labour Code governing the Right-To-Refuse comes into effect. Ever since the Ontario Factory Act of 1886 workers and their unions have struggled to remove workplace conditions that lead to injuries, illnesses, death and chronic diseases...English / French
Workers In Ontario: Three New "Family-Focused" Leaves
The Employment Standards Act (ESA) has been amended to create three new job-protected leaves for workers in Ontario. It is important that workers understand the purpose of the leaves and the requirements necessary to qualify to take each one.
A Rural Nurse Speaks Out: New Report Appeals for Devastating Cuts to Small Community Hospitals to Stop
The OHC has released a new report by Shirley Roebuck, RN, and a number of rural active or retired rural physicians, administrators and community members on the devastating cuts to small rural community hospitals across Ontario. The report includes a list sampling of devastating cuts to small and rural hospitals across Ontario. The worst cuts have been in Niagara, Shelburne, Burk’s Falls, Penetanguishene, Picton and Wallaceburg. The worse hit hospitals are the smaller sites of hospitals amalgamated in the 1990s.
Ontario Health Coalition - Media Release - June 5, 2014
The OHC has released a new report by Shirley Roebuck, RN, and a number of rural active or retired rural physicians, administrators and community members on the devastating cuts to small rural community hospitals across Ontario.
North Bay Regional Health Centre To Lay Off 34 Workers
North Bay Regional Health Centre has informed its unions 34 jobs are being eliminated as a cost-saving measure. Shawn Shank, president of Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 139, said this is the first of three phases the hospital is implementing.
Unifor Health Care - The Pulse - June 2014
News from around the Unifor Health Care division.
Fighting For More Hours Of Care
Felicia Fahey is imploring Sudburians to get involved with a campaign to get Ontario to implement a minimum four hours of hands-on care for residents in long-term care homes and to improve access to longterm care residences.
Ontario Votes - The Stakes Are High For Health Care Workers
In the current Ontario election, Unifor's goal is to keep Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak from becoming premier, Unifor National President Jerry Dias says. Tim Hudak's election platform and his party's agenda set out in their health care White Paper, is a threat to literally destroy our health system.
Ontario Votes - A Special Message From Jerry Dias
Various subjects are discussed in this newsletter.
CLC Report To Labour Councils - March 2014
Various subjects are discussed in this newsletter.
e-News - Mines and Metals
Various subjects are discussed in this newsletter.
Safety is a right - La sécurité est un droit!
Safety is a right - take a minute for solidarity with our armoured car members / La sécurité est un droit - Prenez une minute de solidarité avec les travailleurs des véhicules blindés
Unifor Health Care - Pulse - January 2014
News from around the Unifor Health Care division.
December 6: We work for change
In the ongoing struggle to end violence against women, much has changed since December 6, 1989. On that day, 24 years ago, a lone gunman entered L'Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal and separated the women from the men yelling "I hate feminists." He then systematically murdered 14 female engineering students – women who were shot dead solely because they were women... English / French
Share the buzz/Partagez le buzz - Canadian Labour Congress
Did you catch the CLC's ad on tv the last two weeks? Many did and they've been tweeting, emailing, and posting their reactions on Facebook ever since.
Avez-vous vu la publicité télévisée du CTC ces deux dernières semaines? Nombreux l'ont vu et, depuis, ils font connaître leurs réactions sur Twitter, par courriel et sur Facebook.
CAW Health, Safety & Environment Newsletter - Volume 21, No 3
Health, Safety and Environment news from around the CAW.
CAW Health Care - Pulse - March 2013
News from around the CAW Health Care division.
CAW Health Care - Pulse - June 2012
News from around the CAW Health Care division.
Mine Mill News - Election Edition - May 2012
Our Union has a long and proud history of protecting (and advancing the rights) of workers. Once again, it is time to elect a strong leadership to ensure that we are ready to meet the upcoming challenges.
The Labour Movement and the Year Ahead / Le mouvement syndical et la prochaine année - 2011
As 2011 draws to a close, we can only shake our heads at the dramatic events of the past year.
Alors que 2011 s'achève, nous ne pouvons que déplorer les événements dramatiques de la dernière année.
Letter to Occupy Sudbury - November 2011
Our Union, Mine Mill 598/CAW is an organization that has always pursued ideologies and campaigns that benefits our members and the community at large. From what we have seen so far, "Occupy Sudbury" has a vision that seems to point in that direction.
The Hole Story
Don't know much about mines? Not many people do. Mines don't talk. Especially about their history.
Minemill News - December 2010
Various articles in this month's edition of Mine Mill News.
Nickel Rim Health & Safety Report - August 2010
We are now in the midst of the hot season. The combination of the sometimes unbearable heat underground and the extended shifts are taking its toll on many of us. I get this question quite often, "What can you do about the heat underground?"
Health Care Conference 2010
Report 1 and Report 2 summarize the Health Care Conference in Dartmouth, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Front Line Flyer - July 2010
The Front Line Flyer features many interesting reads from around the Union.
Presentation on Bill 21: Retirement Homes Act
Notes for a Presentation regarding Bill 21: Retirement Homes Act, 2010
Front Line Flyer - April 2010
The Front Line Flyer features many interesting reads from around the Union.
O Canada - Column by Rick Grylls
I was reflecting on our national anthem and the pledge we once were taught about protecting "our home and native land" — and about how I feel we have been over taken by foreign interests...
Health & Safety Newsletter - January 2010
The Government is selling the land that our fathers fought and died for with the hope to give their families a better future.
Health & Safety Newsletter - December 2009
It's the season to be jolly. Christmas and many topics are discussed in this issue.
Workforce Focus - Labour Force Participation - September 2009
In this issue, labour force participation is discussed.
Union Membership in Canada: A 2009 Update - September 2009
Each year Statistics Canada publishes a review of unionization in “Perspectives on Labour and Income”just in time for Labour Day.
The Word - Vol. 5 (August 2009)
Organizing workers from coast to coast. Find out the latest...
WHSC Invites Students to Apply for 2009 Scholarships
Employers in the service and manufacturing sectors, where many young workers are employed, comply less with Ontario health and safety law than those outside of these sectors, according to the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL).
The 2009 Federal Budget: Preliminary Canadian Labour Congress Analysis
More analysis to follow The Budget includes many quite small spending and tax initiatives.
It’s time for legislation!
There is growing recognition that “violence” goes far beyond physical acts, to include various forms of psychological violence. Workplace violence has been broadly defined as “any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances related to their work. These behaviors would originate from customers or co-workers at any level of the organization. This definition would include all forms of harassment, bulling, intimidation, physical threats/assaults, robbery and other intrusive/ unwanted behaviors.”
Federal Election 2008
As you may know, we are in the process of creating a CAW Federal Election Factbook that will be sent out to all local unions (including a French version for Quebec) aimed at ensuring Stephen Harper does not get a majority government!
McGuinty Government Is Committed To Safe And Healthy Workplaces
Ontario is seeking input to determine if current protections against workplace violence under the Occupational Health and Safety Act should be enhanced or clarified.
Rally For Quality Public Health Care in Ontario
CAW members in Ontario are being urged to take part in five regional rallies around the province on Saturday, September 27 in support of public health care.
Labour Day Message: Lean and mean has gone too far
In the final weeks and days of my tenure as president of the Canadian Auto Workers union, I am troubled by the sheer volume of bad news stories that are emerging from the economy in Canada and around the world.