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National Skilled Trades Council - November 9-12, 2017
Published: 2017-11-28


Author: Eric Boulay

This council took place at Unifor Local 444 unionized workplace Caesars Windsor, around 70 delegates, 40 guests and 20 staff reps attended. The election for the National skilled trades board took place, all incumbents were re-elected into their respective positions, slight changes at the committee level.

Apprenticeships was by far and again the prevailing issue affecting skilled trades members across the country. Many good discussions took place surrounding other issues affecting skilled trades members.

Ken Lewenza Jr. presented a Unifor campaign "Grow Walls", a new project for sustainable farming. Using this new technic allows people to grow one acre worth of food on a 36'x36' wall using 1% of the water traditional farming would use. Unifor National invested $100,000 in this project.

Bob Orr spoke on the state of the union. I gave a report on our local and issues affecting our skilled trades members including autonomous mining and technological change. Discussions surrounding the college of trades in Ontario and bill C-49 (Surveillance in the Rail Industry) were re-occuring subjects. Ongoing NAFTA talks involving Jerry Dias also dominated discussions because of its broad impact on sectors represented by Unifor.

The city of Windsor put on an excellent Remembrance Day celebration which we all attended.

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