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Rally For Quality Public Health Care in Ontario
Published: September 03, 2008

CAW members in Ontario are being urged to take part in five regional rallies around the province on Saturday, September 27 in support of public health care.

In coordination with local health coalitions and labour councils, The Ontario Health Coalition is organizing regional rallies in Windsor, Toronto, Kingston, Sudbury and Thunder Bay. CAW President Buzz Hargrove said David Caplan, the new Ontario Health Minister, needs to clearly hear from Ontarians across the province who are demanding an end to competitive bidding in home care.

The CAW has welcomed the Liberal moratorium on competitive bidding in home care and the efforts to increase staffing hours in long term care. But in a letter to Ontario CAW locals, Hargrove said both improvements require further steps and particularly ensuring a minimum regulatory staffing standard of 3.5 hours of care in long term care homes.

Activists also need to ensure that the government respects the principles of equity and access by maintaining hospital services within local communities. Itʼs critical to maintain a firm stance against the private interests favouring profits and two-tier health care, Hargrove stressed. For more information on the upcoming rallies visit www.web.net/ohc/

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