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From the desk of the President - February 2010
Published: February 17, 2010

The months of December/January was a very hectic time with a lot of things happening all at once – the bargaining sessions with Xstrata Nickel, First Nickel, Mystik Services and continuing the process of acquiring building permits to put a shovel in the ground to start building our new home before the lease expires on our current agreement with the Navy League of Canada.

We are continuing to negotiate with First Nickel, have a new collective agreement with Mystik Services and Xstrata Nickel.

The support and positive comments from many Xstrata Nickel employees, business owners and the community at large compounded by the high acceptance vote at the ratification meeting really shows to the bargaining committee’s dedication of negotiating the best possible deal under our current economic situation.

We certainly did not get everything we were hoping for nor has the company got everything they wanted, but at the end of the day, a solution was found that both parties could live with and as such avoid a labour dispute that would have been hard on our members, the company and community.

We are growing again as Xstrata Nickel will be re-hiring a lot of laid-off employees. That’s good news.

We are also getting ready to start negotiations with Finlandia Care Services and our new unit, Brinks Canada.

Due to the retirement of our Compensation, Health and Welfare Officer, two positions have become open for election. Stay tuned and please take the time to exercise your democratic rights and please vote when required.

We are continuing to assist our Brothers and Sisters at USW 6500 financially and morally. They are enduring one of the hardest and longest labour disputes in recent memory and we are strongly encouraging both parties to get back to the table and talk. A solution is most likely possible if both parties actually have a discussion.

Please continue to show your support in whichever way you can. Every little bit helps.

Yours in Solidarity,
Richard Paquin, President

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