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From the desk of the President - June 2009
Published: June 4, 2009

I would like to thank the membership and leadership for the vote of confidence that you have given me to lead this Union through one of the most difficult periods of our history and of our Union.

A lot of workers across this great country of ours are affected in one way or another by the current global economic situation. This is also having a direct impact on some of the workers of this great Union and this Local.

Our main priority has to remain to try to get as many of our recently laid off workers back to work as soon as possible. We are confident that once the current global financial crisis subsides and consumer confidence returns, many of these affected companies will be able to return to the pre-crisis era.

Until we reach that point, I want to reassure both our current workers and our laid off workers that we will continue to work with the companies and to look at ways of increasing their manpower and also reduce the potential of any further layoffs.

This is paramount to the survival of our community and its’ population so that we keep our members in this community.

Even though this is a very difficult period, many non-unionized employees are being laid off and the employment condition of the remaining employees is made more difficult because of the extra work load being given to them.

It is important we maintain our community-based organizing campaign so that more workers are given the opportunity of belonging to a union and gain the benefit afforded to them when they do.

Our Retirees Chapter is the backbone of the history of this Union.  We will maintain the working relationship that we have with our Retirees Chapter to ensure our history and path forward is maintained.

Let me conclude by emphasizing that we must all work together in this great community of ours, to allow as many people as possible to find employment, even if it’s of a temporary nature, until the current economic situation subsides.


Yours in Solidarity,

Richard Paquin,

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