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From the desk of the President - June 2011
Published: June 1, 2011

Good morning every one and welcome to the reopening of our campground on this glorious day. This day signifies the resumption of our social tradition as an organization. We are all gathered here finally after several years of hard work.

I would like to thank all the past Presidents of our local that have worked so hard at maintaining and promoting Mine Mill 598/CAW commitment to our community and our great City. I would also like to thanks our dignitaries that have agreed to be here on this important day.

The opening of 72 campground sites, with the log house behind me enhances our commitment and ensures our future here, as a labour organization, in the City of Greater Sudbury. In upgrading our 37 acres on Richard Lake, our local has made a commitment to improve this area and allow the public more access.

The local has had this property since early 1950s. In the fifties and sixties this property was a large camping ground with a beautiful sandy beach which families could enjoy. We even had public transit that was stopping here every half hour dropping off families. In the seventies, eighties and nineties most of the luster and buildings were lost due to a shrinking membership and more public beaches downtown, but the campground stayed open until 1999 when it was decided to close it. Our decision last year to move our new green administration here on site will allow us to better manage this new venture and better serve our members and the community.

We are a Union that is not afraid to look towards the future and because of that, this is only phase 1, as we also have another 63 campsites that will be revitalized and hopefully next year will be re-opened for our members and the community at large, making this one of the largest campground within city limit with 135 available sites.

All of this is made possible because of the accepted vision of the Mine Mill 598/CAW membership, the Executive Board, the Mine Mill 598 CAW Retirees Chapter, the past Presidents, the coalition, the City of Greater Sudbury, our mayor, our city council, our volunteers and of course let’s not forget the campground committee, lead by our financial secretary Carole Baxter, whom without their hard work and dedication this would not have happened. We are very thankful for your hard work, your commitment to this project and continued support.

Thank you very much for being part of this event as you have witnessed the beginning of a new era with the reopening of our campground at our new home here at Richard Lake.

With respect always,

Yours in Solidarity,
Richard Paquin, President
Mine Mill Local 598/CAW

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