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Regulations needed to check corporate greed
Published: September 23, 2008

Prime Minister Stephen Harper promises to cut government taxes on diesel fuel by two cents a litre over four years.

Two cents be dammed. I want the 30 cents a litre taken from me by speculators and profiteers over the last couple of years.

The weakness of our government to have a planned economy allows the draining of billions of citizens' dollars to corporate and individual bank

accounts, much to foreign countries. The lack of disposable income affects the economy to the point we are teetering on a recession.

In 1935, Prime Minister R. B. Bennett promised a New Deal for the Canadian people in his throne speech, which astounded a lot of his Conservative as well as Liberal "diehards."

Bennett said: "You have been witnesses of grave defects and abuses in the capitalist system. Unemployment and want are proof of this. This requires modification in the capitalist system, to enable it to serve the people more effectively."

During that session, the government passed an act to establish unemployment insurance and social insurance and also set a minimum wage and limited hours of work.

The great depression of the 1930s lasted 11 years. Today, the capitalist system has had little change that would allow a planned economy to work for the benefit of citizens, community, country and corporations. The draining of income by

unchecked profiteering has broken the balance of growth and prosperity for our system and will affect the small business owners, the mom and pop operations the most. To me, this is treachery and betrayal, causing harm leading to individual and family disaster for many Canadians.

Bennett was right then and it is still needed today: "Modifications in the capitalist system, to enable it to serve the people more effectively." Record profits for many major corporations, but banks and markets are crashing causing working men and women's retirement portfolios financial harm.

Other counties years ago made governmental laws and regulations that have benefited the citizens. Norway held off allowing the development of their oil fields until they found developers who would adhere to the partnership and regulations that saw the government hold some ownership. Within two decades, Norway has invested tens of billions of royalties for future generations.

Among G8 countries, Canada's corporations pay the second least amount of taxes and the citizens pay the second highest taxes. In Canada, oil prices go up, profits double, Harper give tax breaks to the tar sands and no royalties for the people.

Progressive Conservative Premier Danny Williams of Newfoundland and Labrador has just signed an oil agreement for that province's natural resource that will benefit his province for years to come. His take on Harper is that the Canadian people have to vote him out of power.

The history of change for the betterment of the masses, with such things as Tommy Douglas's fight to establish medicare, public utilities and energy has always been opposed by those who wish to own them for themselves.

A corporate or a citizen government is the choice in this election and if those who have been turned off politics stood up and voted for change, it would happen.

Today, we need to vote citizens into our government who will protect our future, build a better tomorrow with a planned economy and natural resources and not leave us at the mercy of the faults of a capitalist system that betrays our social democratic rights.

Rick Grylls is president of Mine Mill Local 598/CAW

Source: http://www.thesudburystar.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=1208339

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