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University of Sudbury
Newsletter - April 2017
I thought it was time to give an update on the case of the job evaluation for the position of receptionist/secretary. As per the "Letter of Understanding" of our collective agreement, the Employer will meet with the Union to discuss the outcome of the job evaluation.
Collective Agreement - 2016-2019
Here is a copy of the Collective Agreement that expires in 2019. Voici la version française du document.
Newsletter - May 2016
Spring is finally here looking bright and sunny. On the downfall, our collective agreement is coming to an end. Annette and I have been working closely with Anne Marie towards a new collective agreement.
Newsletter - October 2015
I have been an employee of the University for 24 years. I’m happy to report that we currently have no grievances. My focus will be to work alongside my members to negotiate a renewal collective agreement which expires June 30th, 2016. I’m sure it will be a learning and productive experience.
New Bargaining Committee Member - March 18, 2014
As of March 18th, 2014, your newly acclaimed bargaining committee member is Ginette Trottier.
U of S - Agreement Ratification - June 18, 2013
After two days of negotiating, the bargaining committee members of Mine Mill Local 598/CAW employed at the University of Sudbury were able to bring a new, tentative agreement to their membership late this afternoon. The bargaining committee is happy to report that the membership voted 82% in favour of accepting the terms of the new agreement. The agreement includes a 3-year contract; no concessions, improvements in language, increase in benefits and an 8% wage increase over 3 years.
U of S - Agreement Ratification - December 16, 2010
After a tough set of bargaining, the members representing the administration, housekeeping and maintenance workers at the University of Sudbury ratified this new agreement. The workers had been working without a new collective agreement since July 1, 2010.
Unit Chair
Ginette Trottier
Steward / Bargaining Committee
Annette Minor
Health & Safety Rep
Suzanne Paquin
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