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Newsletter - February 2010

Posted: February 10, 2010

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Recently the Company implemented some new practices for our modified workers. The Company has decided to continue accommodating injured workers, but will no longer provide replacement workers. Unfortunately, this decision will certainly have a direct impact on the injured workers, their co-workers and the residents who are paying for services we have difficulty delivering on a regular basis.

I was also notified by some of our co-workers that during a meeting with management, there was mention of a cross-shift less one hour. A member of the management team also stated that this was suggested by your union.

This statement is false, as I'm sure you are already aware, but in future, if any other comments or statements like this are made, please forward it, in writing, to myself or any representative so we can take the appropriate action.

I will be arranging for a formal meeting with our membership to discuss future upcoming events. I strongly recommend everyone attend. The dates and times will be posted.

Yours in Solidarity,

Michelle Chartrand, Unit Chair,
Elizabeth Centre.


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