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Newsletter - June 2011

Posted: June 7th, 2011

Dear Members:

It's been a while since I could attend our Unit Chair meetings. I have been off work because of an accident, but I am now back to work. Winter has come and gone and now we are looking forward to a nice hot summer.

The Elizabeth has lost a few employees to St. Gabriel's Villa. We have some of our residents who moved since St. Gabriel's opened. Most of the residents who moved are now closer to their families, which is very nice.

This month will be our last session for Union Chair meetings until September. The Mine Mill Union will be renting lots for camping. It re-opened the Campgrounds on June 1st and there are showers and toilets for the campers. The pump for the well is fixed and running.

We also had a meeting with people from different countries (bankers and lawyers) to promote world-wide leadership. They had people from Montreal explain to them how our unions work here. They had a barbeque at the Hall for them, which they enjoyed and many other activities here before they left to continue their trip.

Mansour Mining Inc. has been sold and it was sold to Canadians. We are also having our quarterly meeting on June 20th.

If you have any problems, you can reach me at work or at home at 705-983-2394 or Michelle Labbe at 705-855-6787.

In Solidarity,

Huguette Gagne, Unit Chair
Nutra 2000

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