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Newsletter - March 4th, 2013

Posted: March 12th, 2013

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

The days are getting longer and this is a sign that spring is on the way. Everyone is anxious for winter to be over. We all need spring so that it will cheer us up. I am ready for the hot weather.

We have a new manager, Cathy DeMarco and she is trying to find ways to make our work better and easier. We have 2 new employees and she has hired 1 more.

We received our retro pay and our raises and everyone is happy about that. We still have a lot to do on the next contract. We will be bargaining in November of this year. We shall do our best to make improvements and changes that members will want.

The residents are all saying that they are anxious for nice weather. They are looking forward to going outside to enjoy the warmth and sunshine.

We did go on demonstration to keep our services at hospitals and our benefits; it went well but could have used more help (ie: t.v., news, eastlink, Sudbury Star, radio people were there).

If you need any help you can reach me at home at 705-983-2394 or at work and you can also call Rosa at 705-588-2282.

In Solidarity,

Huguette Gagne, Unit Chair
Nutra 2000

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