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Newsletter - September 2011

Posted: September 26, 2011

Dear Members:

It's been a while since I could attend our last newsletter because of everyone going on holidays. There were no meetings for the summer. I was off sick, but I am now on modified. I hope everyone took time for holidays, which everyone deserves. The weather was excellent; it was a very hot summer.

I know that it is a stressful time at work because we had a couple of employees leave for another job, which makes us short and also because the students are back in school. We should have some relief soon because we have new employees starting and two are already trained, so things are looking up.

We had our quarterly meeting on September 16th. Our Union Local 598/CAW campground is now open and everything is going well. They have a new water system and there is also a back-up system. They have 72 sites and by next year, there should be 135 sites. Members are welcome and they also receive a discount. They are taking bookings for weddings and other socials. It’s very nice and it is right on the lake. In 2013, the convention will be held here.

Marianne is retiring this year; she has been with us for 38 years and she will be missed.

Ken Lewenza, President of the CAW National Union was at our Union Office to meet the members of the Local. I will include his visit in my next report.

Our contract is due on November 18th, 2011 and we will get your input on changes and what we want.

If you need help, I am available at work or at home at 705-983-2394. You can also talk to Michelle Labbe at work and at home at 705-855-6787.

In Solidarity,

Huguette Gagne, Unit Chair
Nutra 2000

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