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Newsletter - February 2009

Posted: April 20, 2009

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

On January 12th Angele, Anne Marie and myself met with Betty and Jennifer for our first Union/Company meeting.  The meeting went very well.  There were several items discussed and the minutes will be signed and posted on our bulletin board.

One of the issues that Betty is still looking into is in regards to our phones and when we are supposed to receive the new replacement phone.  Another issue is in regards to rules and how they are to be followed by all of the employees.  Betty and Jennifer will be making sure that the rules will be reinforced. 

One of the most important issues we discussed at the meeting was regarding offending comments and how people continue to speak about past incidents.  Both parties believe we have come to a solution to this ongoing problem.  A letter has been drafted and signed by the Union and the employer, outlining the need for a poison-free work environment and the steps that will be taken immediately should this continue. 

A copy of this letter will be distributed to all the members.  Angele and I hope that once this letter is handed out, things will change for the better.

We will be holding a Unit meeting in the very near future, so please watch our bulletin board for the information.

Yours in Solidarity,

Alison McGhee,
Copper Cliff Manor Unit Chairperson

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