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Negotiations Update - April 19th, 2010

Posted: April 19th, 2010

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

We had a successful week of bargaining with the Company this past week. There is much more to be done yet but there is some good news.

  • Three more workers should be back at the mine starting in May making the total number of CAW members doing the care and maintenance at four (4) while we are on lay off.
  • COLA will remain in the CA.
  • Nickel Bonus will remain in the CA with some adjustments to be determined yet.
  • Some of the Company proposals to change the CA have been dropped.
  • Our 3 outstanding grievances that had been referred to Arbitration have been successfully resolved this past week.

Earlier this year the union lodged a grievance for supervisors doing bargaining unit work while our members were laid off. After numerous meetings the company has agreed our members should do the work.

We looked at the work being done. For some jobs it was half a day a week, for some one day a week, and for others a day and a half a week. If you went strictly by the collective agreement then the company would call people back individually in each of these jobs for anywhere from a half a day a week to a day and a half a week and if the person said no because they were already working, or on EI, or in school, or any other reason they would lose their recall rights. The company and the union agreed this would not be fair, but the only way around it would be to package the different jobs together so they would be 3 to 5 days work a week. This is a special agreement only for the care and maintenance phase of the mine, and it has been done so people are not forced to give up their recall rights for 1 days work a week.

So we packaged the work into 3 groups: hoist, electrical and mechanical and are phoning people by seniority to see if they are interested. The union and company have also agreed if people say no, they would not lose their recall unless everyone said no then the junior person would be forced to come in or lose their recall.

Since some of the work has been combined in order to make these jobs we have checked the training records to see who has the appropriate modules, but we are also calling people because they may have experience or modules that are not recorded at first nickel and may be qualified to do the work. The amount of work and days of work per week is our best guess at this point in time and may change.

In summary

  • The calling of these senior employees should start the week of April 19, 2010.
  • We don't have a start up date for the rest of the workforce as we are still in negotiations.
  • We are working on setting up some more dates to continue negotiations.
  • We will keep you posted as to what is happening.

Thanks for your support.

Your Bargaining Committee,

Tom Dattilo, Richard Paquin, Texas MacDonald, Roger Charbonneau

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