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Newsletter - November 2010

Posted: November 15, 2010

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Much has happened this year with the negotiations and ratification of the new contract.

A grievance that was filed early in the year allowed us to get a few folks in back working during the care and maintenance portion of the shutdown/layoff.

At this date of November the 10th 2010 the following folks are or will be working in the near future.

  • 2 hoistmen at 5 x 8 hour days per week
  • 1 spare hoistman when required
  • 3 millrites at 4 x 8 hour days per week
  • 2 mechanics at 3 x 8 hour days per week
  • 3 electricians at 3 x 8 hour days per week
  • 1 cage tender at 5 x 8 hour days per week
  • 1 dry man/lamp repair at 3 x 8 hour days per week

Starting on November 22nd 2010, there will be 2 miners at 5 x 8 hour days per week.

Starting on January the 5th 2011, there will be 2 more miners at 5 x 8 hour days per week.

The company has not found the additional funding to start the development in the depth as of this time. Several contractors were in to the site last week to review the work to be done in the depth and later bid on this job.

Redpath is currently doing some rehab work on number one shaft.

The JHSC office is being set back up at the mine and the JHSC had its first meeting yesterday. Roger Charbonneau is still the Co-Chair of JHSC for the Union.

I will endeavor to keep all posted with updates by e-mail for those members that I have e-mail addresses for and on the web site for the rest.

If any of the members have a change in address or upgrades in your Common Core please let us know so we can advise the Company.

The new Union Hall is open now at Richard lake and we have had several meetings there to date.

With the onset of winter be carefull when you are out on the road.

The Officers of the Union wish all the Brothers and Sisters in the Local a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous and Prosperous New Years.

Texas MacDonald
Unit Chair FNI Local 598
       Roger Charbonneau

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