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Update on Lockerby Mine
Published: January 13, 2011

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Gerry has sent me this update and I have the following to add to it as well. Today along with HR I called back one miner to replace one that quit the first of the month, as well as an additional mechanic at 40 hrs per week. It's a struggle to repair the damage and do the cleanup that is required after a place sets inactive so long but we are getting there slowly. The jobs are different under the care and maintence aspect but are quite do able with a bit of effort. It will just keep getting better as we progress.

The people are coming back faster than the company had initially anticipated but I have a very keen eye watchin to make sure that we get to do the work that is rightfully ours to do under the CA.

I hope all had a wonderful time over the holiday season and the sooner we are back to work the better it will be.

Texas MacDonald
Unit Chair, FNI
phone 705-869-3272

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