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Gates St. Louis - 705-695-4564
Newsletter from Unifor - 2018-05-22
Last week, Chris Parks circulated a letter regarding Unifor "refusing" to meet with the company to discuss Brinks' desire to allow current employees to convert to the Defined Contribution (DC) pension plan. His description of the DC plan in a very positive light is certainly up for debate.
Newsletter - April 2017
As we continue to slowly make progress with regards to working conditions at the branch, there are still many challenges to overcome. Trucks are continuously at the shop getting repaired and it seems no progress is getting done, they are simply too old and have too many issues (it's a losing battle).
Newsletter - January 2017
As of recently, Labour Canada has ruled that the "all off model" was unsafe. If this decision is held, it will make a significant impact in the direction that the company was going. This decision would also affect the way other armoured car companies operate.
Newsletter - December 2016
As another winter season is beginning, let's be extra cautious with the surroundings of our environment. Pay attention to possible slippery areas, let management know if salt or sand is needed.
Newsletter - May 2016
Not much new to report. The first aid supplies are being replaced in the trucks along with proper fire extinguishers installed. There are new posters displayed, most of which are related to health & safety. You will also find the minutes of our health & safety meetings. Please take time to read them.
Newsletter - April 2016
On March 11th, 2016 during our quarterly meeting, we had a presentation given to us by Joel Carr, National Representative with Health & Safety and the Environment.
Newsletter - February 2016
Our Local, "Mine, Mill & Smelter Worker's Union" is celebrating its 100th year anniversary. Please join me in celebrating at different events throughout the year. These events will be posted in the Branch so you can plan in advance.
Newsletter - January 2016
As we begin a New Year, I look forward to seeing continued improvement in all areas. Continue to bring any of your concerns forward so we can address them in a timely manner. Our everyday working environment can be challenging and stressful on the best of days, so let's not add to that by bringing a negative attitude to the workplace.
Newsletter - October 2015
As of most of you are aware, we have recently acquired a substantial amount of work. The new work is mainly money room work but it has and will impact every aspect of our operation her in Sudbury.
Newsletter - March 2015
In the last newsletter, I wrote about companies tightening their belts and reducing their required days of service. Well……that didn't take long to prove as Money Mart just reduced their days of service from five days to three days. Unfortunately, I believe this trend will only continue.
Newsletter - February 2015
2014 has passed and for me, personally, it was a bad year. Even though the Branch has been rebuilt, we continue to feel the fall-out effects with regards to our trucks that were replaced. The trucks that were given to us are for the most part in poor condition however we will continue our efforts to bring them up to acceptable standards.
Newsletter - October 2014
As of recently, the companies solution to our concerns regarding safe use of the fire damaged trucks has been to ship them back and for us to acquire trucks from other branches. To my knowledge, only one of our trucks will be used by other branches where as the other one will be taken off the road pending proper cleaning.
Newsletter - September 2014
In August, during my vacation period, I took advantage of the opportunity to attend the "Health & Welfare Conference" at our Education Centre in Port Elgin. The Conference provided workshops such as Intro to Worker's Compensation, Investigating Workplace Accidents and Challenges in the Workplace, and others related to Health & Safety.
Union calls for regulatory overhaul in wake of armoured car shooting
The head of the union representing 2,000 workers in the armoured car industry across Canada says a series of recent robberies — including one that ended in a fatal shooting over the weekend in Longueuil — should serve as a wake-up call to the federal government.
Newsletter - February 2014 - Part 2
As we wait for the decision on the company's appeal of the Canada Labour decision, we are concentrating our efforts to have our industry regulated. The Union hopes to meet with our MP’s, Glenn Thibeault, Claude Gravel and France Gelinas to ask for their support in our drive to have the industry regulated.
Newsletter - February 2014 - Part 1
The recent workplace fire tragedy has devastated most of us, but luckily no one was hurt. Our daily routines have been changed and we will continue to face challenges for as long as it takes to rebuild our Branch. I encourage people to be patient and understanding as this slow process continues.
Newsletter - December 2013
As we continue moving forward and dealing with the new attitude or stance that the company is taking, it is important now, more than ever, that we stay united. We must consolidate our efforts to ensure that the company follows the collective agreement and continue to exercise our right to a safe work environment.
Ratification Vote - August 9th, 2013
A ratification vote meeting will be held at 6:00p.m. on Friday, August 9th at the Mine Mill Union Office Board Room.
Press Release - Tentative Agreement Reached - July 30th, 2013
Mine Mill Local 598/CAW have reached a tentative agreement with Brinks Canada. A ratification vote meeting will be held at 6:00p.m. on Friday, August 9th.
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