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Mansour Mining Technologies Inc.

With 40 years in the underground mining sector, Mansour Mining Technologies Inc. is the largest Canadian provider of comprehensive ground support solutions, smelter hardware, mine ventilation, rock drilling tools, and custom fabricated products. MMTI’s Canadian manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 certified, producing quality components that meet or exceed the Canadian Standards Association [CSA] M430-90 & American Society for Testing & Materials [ASTM] F-432 [Standard specification for roof & rock bolts & accessories].

MMTI’s head office and Canadian manufacturing facility is located in Sudbury, Ontario. Over the past several years, MMTI has expanded to include sales and distribution centres in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Timmins, Ontario; Val d’Or, Quebec and has most recently added manufacturing capabilities to the sales and distribution office in Chihuahua, Mexico.

As the largest Canadian provider of ground support solutions, MMTI’s vision is to fill the needs of a growing number of clients, by focusing on innovation, strategic alliances, and industry-leading expertise.