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2021 General Election






May 26th & 27th, 2021

Issued by:  Sudbury Mine, Mill & Smelter Workers’ Union, Local 598/Unifor – March 10th, 2021

All members of Mine Mill Local 598/Unifor are automatically nominated for all positions for which you qualify and to conform to Local By-Laws.  If you wish to accept nominations, you must indicate your intention in the manner prescribed.  (A separate poster will follow indicating positions for election)



Click here for Glencore

Click here for All Other Units


For current running nominations click here (As of April 21)

Nominations will be open from 9:00a.m. Thursday, April 15th, 2021 to 5:00p.m. Friday, April 23rd, 2021.  Any nomination forms received outside of these dates will be disqualified. 

Nomination forms will be available through your Unit Chair, the Union Office and they are available to print here.

Nomination forms must be submitted to the Union Office in one of three ways and each nominee is responsible for contacting the Union Office to confirm its receipt. 

In Person to Natalie Stewart, Executive Assistant - 2550 Richard Lake Road

Fax:  705-673-1183 – Attention Election Committee



Once the nomination period is complete, a poster will be put up at your workplace and posted on the

Union’s website informing of any acclamations and who the nominees are for the coming election.

Along with your nomination form, each candidate may submit an article and picture of themselves that will be printed in the 598 News – Election Edition. 

NOTE:  If you submit a nomination form and wish to withdraw it, this MUST be done during the nomination period. 



(leaflets / handouts)

All campaign material (printed or electronic) MUST be authorized and approved by the Election Judges

PRIOR to distribution / sharing.

To have your campaign material approved, please forward your material to Peter Sullivan – Election Committee Chair.  Please ensure that your contact information is included so that a response can be provided.

Email: or

Fax:  705-673-1183

In person:  2550 Richard Lake Road, Sudbury



If you wish to place your campaign article in the 598 News – Election Edition, please submit your material electronically to Natalie at  All articles are due NO LATER than 5:00p.m. on APRIL 27th, 2021.



No member shall be eligible to hold Executive office that has not been a member in good standing for at least one year prior to opening of nominations. To be eligible to run for Steward and Committee persons, you must be a member in good standing for not less than six months. To be eligible to run for Unifor Constitutional Convention and Unifor Council, a member must have been in continuous good standing in the National Union for 12 months immediately preceding the first day of the month in which the Convention is held and shall have been a Mine Mill Local 598/Unifor member for 3 months. The 12-month rule does not apply to recently Unifor joined Units but the 3-month Mine Mill Local 598/Unifor rule does apply.  To be eligible to vote, you have to be a Union dues-paying member (laid off or not), or retiree. 



The polls will open at 12:01 a.m. on May 26th, 2021 and close at 11:59 p.m. on May 27th, 2021.

You will be receiving your private and confidential voter I.D. and password in the mail sometime over the next couple of weeks.  Your voter credentials are required in order for you to vote so you will want to make sure that you receive this information.  Please note that your credentials will be needed for the General Election as well as for any Run-Off Election if required.

Mine Mill Local 598/Unifor Units with a signed Collective Agreement will have the opportunity to run and/or vote for Executive Officers and for workplace representatives and these units are: Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations - a Glencore Company, Finlandia Hoivakoti Nursing Home Ltd., Sudbury Finnish Rest Home Society Inc., St. Joseph’s Villa, Villa St. Gabriel Villa, DSI Underground, University of Sudbury, Monarch Recovery Services, Elizabeth Centre, Nutra Services, Gateway Casino - Sudbury, The Walford on the Park, Brinks Canada Limited, Lafarge Holcim and Hornepayne Power.

Mine Mill Local 598/Unifor units that do not have a signed contract with their respective employer and Mine Mill Local 598/Unifor Pensioners will have the opportunity to vote for Executive Officers only.



Voting will be by electronic ballot this year.  You may use your personal computer or cell phone to access the website to vote.  If you require assistance in order to vote, there will be 4 electronic voting stations open with assistance available.

The four voting sites for those who need assistance are:

SUDBURY  - Mine Mill Local 598/Unifor Union Hall     

2550 Richard Lake Road, Sudbury ON


25 Main Street West, Chelmsford ON

HANMER - Chico’s Bowl          

4441 Chenier Street, Hanmer, ON   

GARSON - Garson Bowl 

9-3060 Falconbridge Highway, Garson, ON

May 26th               

7:00a.m. to 11:00a.m.                                         

4:00p.m. to 8:00p.m.                                                               

May 27th               

7:00a.m. to 11:00a.m.                                     

4:00p.m. to 8:00p.m.



You MUST have your voting credentials (Voter ID and Password) in order to cast your vote on voting day.  Your voter credentials will also be required in the event of a run-off election. 

Here’s how it works!

Your Employer will provide the Union with an employee list that will set out your mailing address and telephone number.

That information is what is sent to Simply Voting so that they can mail you your voting credentials (voter ID and Password).  PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR EMPLOYER HAS YOUR CURRENT ADDRESS INFORMATION so that we receive the correct information and there are no hiccups in getting your voter information.


If you do not receive your voter information in the mail from Simply Voting by May 21st, please call Natalie Stewart at the Union Office (705-673-3661) and provide her with an email address so that new voting instructions can be sent to you.



Due to electronic voting, there will be no advance polls.


RUN-OFF ELECTION – JUNE 8th, 2021 to JUNE 9th, 2021

Where a candidate for Executive office does not receive a clear majority (50% plus one of valid ballots cast) there will be a run-off Election by electronic vote from 12:00a.m., Tuesday June 8th, 2021 to 11:59p.m. Wednesday, June 9th, 2021.  Your voter credentials will be used for this purpose as well.



All members of Mine Mill Local 598/Unifor who wish to run for Executive Board positions must comply with Terms of Registration with Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

In particular, Section 32 (1) 9 of this regulation prohibits the operator of a gaming premises from allowing executives and staff of a trade union who represent or negotiate on behalf of gaming employees at the gaming premises to play games of chance at that gaming premises. The signed terms on Unifor Local Union 598 o/a Sudbury Mine, Mill and Smelters Workers registration also requires its executives to ensure that these individuals refrain from such gaming activities.

Please be also reminded that the terms of registration for Unifor Local Union 598 o/a Sudbury Mine Mill and Smelters Workers requires its executives to provide the Deputy Registrar with written notification of its intention to change any member of its executive, and to obtain the Deputy Registrar’s written consent prior to the change.

Please note that should any other executive or staff member of Unifor Local 598 o/a Sudbury Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers wish to deal directly with any gaming premise in Ontario, they must first submit a fully completed Personal Disclosure Form with photograph to the Commission and be approved by the Deputy Registrar.



ARTICLE 6 - Section 1:

President, Vice-President, Financial Officer, Recording Secretary, Sergeant-At-Arms and Guide will be elected by majority vote (50% + 1 vote of the ballots cast) and shall be elected for a three (3)-year term.

If no candidate has majority, a run-off election will be held the following week between the two candidates that receive the highest number of votes.

The Trustees and Delegates are elected by plurality.

Members-at-Large - Immediately following the General Election:

Group 1: The newly elected Unit Chair for Glencore will automatically become the Member-at-Large for Group 1. (No election for Member at Large Group 1 required).

GROUP 2: The Election Chairperson will conduct an election for Member-at-Large for Group 2.  Only newly elected Unit Chairs from Group 2 are eligible to run for and/or vote.  The candidate with the most votes shall become the Member-at-Large for Group 2. 

GROUP 3: The Election Chairperson will conduct an election for Member-at-Large – Group 3.  Only newly elected Unit Chairs from Group 3 are eligible to run for and/or vote.  The candidate with the most votes shall become the Member-at-Large for Group 3. 

RETIREE’S CHAPTER:  In accordance with the Retiree’s Chapter By-Laws, the Retiree’s Chapter will hold a vote within their Chapter to elect the Retiree Chapter Worker Representative Member-at-Large to sit on the Local’s Executive Board.

ARTICLE 6 - Section 2:

Local Elections shall be held under the supervision of Election Committee, a membership meeting prior to March 15th of the election year.

Each candidate must qualify when submitting a nomination form in writing stating the position they are running for.  A member must be in good standing for a period of one (1) year, in order to be eligible to seek and/or hold office.

The qualification must be addressed to the Election Committee Chair via the Executive Assistant of the Union and to be received no later than the date and time set as a deadline.

Persons turning in qualifications shall make/retain copy of same.

Acceptance of qualification shall be done in person or electronically and in writing to the Election Committee or via the Union’s Executive Assistant during regular working hours.

The time frame for submitting qualifications is 21 days from the date of the nomination opening not before March 15th of the election year.

ARTICLE 6 - Section 3 Election Chair/Committee Duties:

Local Union Election Chair and Committee Members/ Poll Clerk shall ascertain whether each member voting is a member of the Local Union.

The Election Chair and Committee Members/ Poll Clerk shall have said member(s) sign their name in the Election Roll Book provided by the Union for that purpose.

If a voter is unable to sign his or her name, the Election Chair and Committee Members/ Poll Clerk shall initial the member’s signature or mark, and then the Election Chair and committee members will issue the voter a ballot.

The Election Chair and Committee members shall be responsible for all ballot boxes between elections.

It is the Election Committee Member’s responsibility to return the ballot boxes to the Election Committee Chair after the election.

ARTICLE 6 - Section 4 Election Process

Voting shall be by secret ballot or another secure and confidential voting system.

After marking the ballot, the voter shall deposit same in a ballot box provided by the Local Union for this purpose.

ARTICLE 6 - Section 5 Member Eligibility for Union Position:

No member shall be eligible to hold Executive office that has not been a member in good standing for at least one year in the local union prior to their nomination to office.
No retiree shall hold or seek an Executive Office except for Retiree Member at Large. 

To be eligible for Triennial Convention delegate, a member must be in good standing for a period of one (1) year.

The Runner up for delegates shall be alternates in the order in which they finished.

To be eligible for Stewards and Committee Persons, a member must be in good standing for a period of one (1) year.

A member in good standing CANNOT run for and/or hold more than one (1) position on the executive board.

A member in good standing CANNOT run for and/or hold more than one (1) full-time paid position.

A member in good standing CAN run for and hold a full-time paid position and an Executive Board position only, provided that the Executive Board position is not a full-time position.

A member in good standing CAN run for and hold more than one (1) part time position in addition to an Executive Board position.

A member in good standing running for a bargained, company paid, Full Time Site Representative position CANNOT run for and/or hold ANY OTHER full time or part-time site position.

ARTICLE 6 - Section 6 Scrutineers

Candidates for office may appoint a Scrutineer to act on their behalf during the Local elections for each poll named by the Local Union.  Each Scrutineer shall be a member of the Local Union in good standing.

Such Scrutineer shall not be entitled to receive compensation for wages or other expenses from the Local in connection with acting as a Scrutineer.

Each candidate shall notify the Election Committee Chair in writing of names of his or her Scrutineer and the polls that each is assigned to, not less than 48 hours prior to the election.

Each Scrutineer shall carry with them, a letter from the candidate they represent in order to identify them to the Election Committee Chair.  Such identification must correspond with the information received by the Election Committee Chair.

ARTICLE 6 - Section 7 The Duties of The Scrutineer

The duties of the scrutineer:

They may always be present at the poll.
They shall not be involved in any interference with the rights of the voters or engage in electioneering.
They shall be present at the counting of the ballots and entitled to scrutinize each ballot.

Any violations of the privileges and rules of the Scrutineer as set down shall be reported to the Election Committee Chairperson shall report such infractions to the membership at the next membership meeting.

ARTICLE 6 - Section 8 Recount


Should the count of any losing candidate in a Local Election be within fifteen (15) votes of the lowest winning candidate, there shall be a recount if requested by the candidate involved.

Such request must be made within 48 hours to the Election Committee Chairperson after the returns have been tabulated.

Only the votes of the candidates in question shall be recounted.

ARTICLE 6 - Section 9 Referendum Vote

If the referendum vote is for a purpose other than electing candidates and the count in question is within ten votes either way there shall also be a recount.

ARTICLE 6 - Section 10 Rules

There shall be NO UNION-ORIENTED meetings at 2550 Richard Lake Rd., Sudbury other than Executive Board Meetings held on Election Day until polls are closed.

ARTICLE 6 - Section 11 Installation

a)  The Election Committee shall announce the result of each election or run-off election immediately after the ballots are counted and shall provide a written report of the election to the next Local Union membership meeting.

Those elected will be installed at the next regular meeting

ARTICLE 6 - Section 12 Ballots

All ballots shall be numbered, and the numbered portion remains with the Election Committee Members/Poll clerk and the full names of all candidates shall be placed on a ballot in alphabetical order, except the names of those acclaimed.

All ballots and other election records in any election must be kept in a sealed and secured box following each day of polling and for one year immediately following the election.  The Local Union may then destroy the ballots unless a review is pending.  If a Review of Decision is pending, the ballots must be preserved until the review has been finally decided.

ARTICLE 6 - Section 13 Guide for Local Union Elections

The UNIFOR National Constitution, the Guide for Local Union Elections and the Policy Regarding Local Union Elections issued by the National Union shall govern the Election Committee and the membership.

ARTICLE 6 - Section 14 Leaflets

Leaflets must be non-defamatory and must adhere to the Constitution and By-Laws.  The leaflets will be produced at no cost to the Local Union.

ARTICLE 6 - Section 15 Date of Election

Where in unusual circumstances, a Local Union is unable to secure a quorum at a membership meeting with at least 45 days prior to the time required to conduct elections, the decision as to time, date and locations of the election should be made by the Local Union Executive Board.


An appeal with respect to Local Union elections may be filed and shall be governed pursuant to the Procedure Policy on Constitutional matters and Review of Decision. Refer to Unifor Constitution - Article 18.

(unifor, 2016) Article 24 page 100 101



It guarantees basic trade union rights to all members. It is intended to protect equally the rights of all members and the Union as a whole. The most important of these trade union rights is the right of the membership to a fair and democratic procedure in all instances when they vote to choose their Officials.  In order to guarantee this right, the Unifor Constitution provides basic regulations for the conduct of elections for the Local Union Office, Convention Delegates, Stewards and Committee persons.

We felt that this information was necessary for those members that are not familiar with Union functions.  Be proud to belong to Mine Mill Local 598/Unifor, stand up for your rights, get involved.   We are here to back you up all the way!


In Solidarity,

Your Election Committee

Peter Sullivan – Election Committee Chairperson (email:

Bill Moore – Election Committee Member (email:

George Markic – Election Committee Member (email:

Roger Charbonneau – Election Committee Member  (email: