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Community Garden & Duck Box Build


Please join us on Saturday, September 28th at 9:00a.m. at the Richard Lake Craftshop and help us build the FIRST EVER Mine Mill Community Garden and Wood Duck Nesting Boxes.


The Mine Mill Environmental Committee is building a community garden at the Richard Lake Campground to engage both union members and campers. We hope to build a large garden with enough space to section off personal plots for members and campers, and a large leadership garden, that will hopefully be used to grow fruits and vegetables for local charities and food banks. 


Along with garden beds we will also be building wood duck nesting boxes. In 1937 the US biological survey erected the first artificial nesting structures in a response to low wood duck number due to over harvesting and human encroachment on important habitat. Duck numbers are stable now but there habitat is still under siege. At Mine Mill 598 we want to share our lake with fowl friends and work at protecting the ecology of the lake.


Anyone that wants to volunteer their time is more than welcome to join us. We also would greatly appreciate any donations of lumber (preferably cedar). Anyone who could bring wood working tools, soil tilling equipment, and hip waders would be greatly appreciated.