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Glencore Bargaining Update


Happy New Year to all our membership,

I know many of you are wondering about any progress in the negotiations. To keep it simple, the bargaining committee and the company met several times before Christmas and have met again on January 5, 2021. We had a brief meeting and are busy sorting through several language issues.

We have been slowly making some small gains in some of our language issues, but as you know things take time in a negotiation like this. We have made some headway on a few concerns but there is still a ways to go. We are working hard every day to get resolve on the issues you saw as important from the surveys you completed.

The company has so far given us some date changes and some housekeeping issues and some language issues that reflect ESA changes introduced by the Ford government. We have seen some roadblocks that the company doesn’t want to deal with, but we are continuing to press them. We will be sitting with the company in the morning of Jan 6, 2021. We are holding strong to protect workers rights and seniority and intend to make some positive progress tomorrow.

That’s all we have for right now, but as we move forward, we will pass along updates as quickly as possible.

In Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee