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Glencore Unit Chair May 3rd Newsletter


Newsletter… May 3, 2021


Confusion and misinformation have ensued following the premature disclosure of some of the information contained within the company’s “new draft proposed” Covid-19 Vaccination Policy, I am writing this newsletter, with the intent of clarifying things.

Employers have the right to introduce, new workplace policies or to change existing workplace policies and the Union has the right to challenge the policy itself or the verbiage contained within the policy. Usually, the back and forth between the two parties occurs prior to introducing a new or changing a policy, before it is released into the workplace. But some of the information leaked out, before the two parties were able to go through the process. (That missed step, has since been corrected …. the company and union are currently engaged in crafting the Covid-19 Vaccination Policy)

There may come a point where the two sides cannot agree to the policies content or the lack thereof, but that does not preclude / stop the employer from putting the policy in place and expecting it to be followed. At which time, the only avenue remaining to seek further changes to the policy, would have to be done through Arbitration.

If the company is set on having a Covid-19 Vaccination Policy, it is the intent of this office and your site Chief Stewards to work collectively with our employer to make certain that this policy does not exceed provincial and federal legislation, that it respects one’s human rights and it protects against access to one’s confidential medical information.  

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me directly.


Yours in solidarity,

Dwight Harper

Senior Union Representative/Glencore Unit

Phone:  705-673-3661 ext. 201 

Cell:      705-918-3212