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Union Hall Visitor Policy


Following the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Sudbury, the Union is continuing to monitor the status of the virus in the city and impacts on our workplaces. We continue to take our lead on the coronavirus from our National Office and Public Health Sudbury & Districts.

According to Public Health Sudbury & Districts, the changing situation requires that our community and individuals prepare for the potential wider spread of the infection in the community. 

The Union has implemented a Standard Operating Procedure with respect to the entrance of our Union Office on Richard Lake Road.


Visitor Request Form 

All visitors must complete a visitor request form.  This includes employees and members of Mine Mill Local 598/Unifor.  You may complete the form and fax or email it in before you arrive.  A response will be sent back to you. 

If the answer is NO to any of the questions, you may proceed with the visit, but the form must be approved by the office before entering.  Please bring the form with you and hand it in at reception for record keeping. 
Most likely, a “yes” answer will result in you requiring to postpone their visit for at least 14 days.  If the request is urgent, further approval will be required from the President, Health & Welfare Officer or Glencore Unit Chair.
If a visitor arrives at the office unplanned, and you do not have a form filled out, you will be required to complete a form in the lobby before your visit may proceed.  If you answer “yes” to any questions, you will be asked to postpone your visit for 14 days.

Visitor Form can be found here (click dowload)

Vacations & Personal Travel

If you have traveled outside of Canada for personal reasons within the past 14 days, and you intend to visit the Union Office, you must notify the Union Office of the following before you arrive:

Dates of travel
Regions/Countries outside of Canada you have traveled to or through

Return to the Union Office:  You must check in with the Union Office prior to entering the hall.  The Union will be consistent in maintaining this procedure until further notice. 

Visitors (which include staff and employees of Mine Mill Local 598/Unifor) who have traveled, transitioned through or plan to travel outside of Canada for personal reasons, will not be permitted to enter the Union Office for 14 days following their return.

Additionally, should your household be receiving visitors from, or if anyone in your household is arriving from outside of Canada and you have come in contact with them, you will not be permitted to enter the Union Office for 14 days following your contact.

Visitors who knowingly have come into contact with a person, or attended a meeting with someone who has been diagnosed with the COVID 19 virus, will not be permitted to enter the Union Office.  It is recommended that they notify their employer, self-quarantine and contact the Sudbury District Health Unit immediately.

Sick Employees

If employees are demonstrating any cold/flu like symptoms either before arriving at the Union Office, or during the course of their visit/work day they will be asked to return home and self-quarantine for a period of 14 days.  The Union will consistent with this procedure and ensure that it is maintained until further notice.


Other Precautions

Continue to take the following precautions:

Travel with protective supplies such as hand sanitizer to regularly disinfect hands
Wash your hands frequently – up to 2 minutes
Maintain social distancing – avoid close contact with others such as shaking hands
Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
Practice respiratory hygiene – cough into sleeves or elbows, not hands
Stay home if you are sick


Thank you for your support, understanding and cooperation while we make all attempts to manage this situation.


Marcel Charron



Dwight Harper

Unit Chair


Denis Chartrand

Health & Welfare Officer