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The 16 CUPE workers in the township of Bonfield, (just outside North Bay) are locked out by the municipality. A rally organized by the OFL was set up on October 5, 2013 to show support and solidarity toward this unfairness. Mine Mill 598/Unifor along with other Unifor locals, different other Unions and our national Office with Katha Fortier (the Ontario Regional director) gave speeches and showed real solidarity in an effort to force the municipality of Bonfield back to the table with those 16 workers.
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The President's Corner

August 2018 - News Around the Union

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and time is being well spent with family. The Leadership transition is now complete with the recent General Election of the Members at Large to the Executive Board. I would like to congratulate Gates St. Louis from Brinks as Member at Large for Group 2 and Melissa Wood from St. Gabriel's Villa as Member at Large for Group 3. I look forward to working with all Executive Board Members over the next 3 years.